Hiking/Backpacking trip… how Chiropractic Can Help you

As summer approaches and the weather turns warmer, more Chicagoans will likely plan a summer vacation of some kind.  Whether you visit a national park, travel domestically, or travel abroad, one is often more active.  Whether you do day hikes or a long backtracking trip, packing the necessary essentials are important to having a great time, learning more about yourself, and being with company to share memories and great experiences.  These trips require you to pack the important items necessary for rest/sleep, food, and daily usage.  The particular items can add pounds to your backpack and make it uncomfortable on your neck and back changing your posture and causing an injury.  It is important to avoid these injuries by either visiting a chiropractor before and/or after your trip.

Sports chiropractor for hiking trips

If one develops an injury from one’s hiking trip, one should see a chiropractor to have their pain and injury checked out.  More often, overuse injuries occur to the muscles, tendons, joints causing neck, back pain, hip, and shoulder pain, to name a few.  It is important to visit a chiropractor, and specifically a sports chiropractor to evaluate you, find your strengths and weaknesses contributing to your injury. and understand how you can move better to prepare you for your upcoming/next hiking trip.

With chiropractic manipulation (from a sports chiropractor), stretching, and corrective exercises will be given to help you strengthen your weak/inhibited muscles, stretch your overactive muscles and ensure proper movement through the joints contributing to your pain. Learning how to strengthen your back and neck will create more stability when going on long hikes limiting poor posture.  Preparing yourself for your next trip by learning the tips and developing the tools to minimize injury will make your next hiking trip fun as you won’t have to worry about injuring oneself!  Moreover, this will allow you to maintain the necessary strength and mobility when performing other workouts and/or outdoor activities.

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