Workers’ Compensation and Chiropractic Care…You Can Get Back to Work Quickly!

As summer is here with warmer weather, more Chicagoans are going to be outside biking, running, and doing outdoor sports/activities (beach volleyball, rollerblading, pickleball, and tennis to name a few).  Chicagoans can take advantage of what makes summers great.

However, with the vast majority of us still working, it is important note to lose sight of what allows one to work hard and play hard too during this time of year.  Additionally, while at work, one can suffer an injury on the job depending on the type of industry (hospitality, construction, or retail to name a few) one works in with tourism increasing typically during the summer.

When an injury occurs, a report has to be completed within 24 hours after the incident and reported to a manager/supervisor.  A claim is generated for the employee to go seek out treatment for one’s injuries.  With the injuries an employee suffers from the incident, he/she can go seek out treatment to return to work to avoid missing time from work or working with limited capacity.  In the state of Illinois (IL), one has the right to seek out their help for their injuries and does not have to go to a sanctioned provider their employer designates/assigns (each state has different laws, so check with your state to determine the proper scope).

If the injury is determined to not need surgery, one can visit a chiropractor as many Workers’ Compensation injuries are soft tissue in nature (muscles, tendons, ligaments, nerves).  Chiropractic care is covered by all workers’ compensation insurances in the state of IL allowing chiropractic exams, X-rays, and treatment (including manipulation, soft tissue stretching, and rehabilitative/corrective exercises).

Additional paperwork is required by the chiropractor to have you complete an outcome assessment tool (a short survey asking you questions related to your injuries) to understand one’s function, and a letter detailing work restrictions upon completing the initial visit.  Subsequent outcome assessment tools, and updated work restrictions will follow as treatment extends to ensure the employee returns to work feeling pain and injury free without any restrictions.

Depending on the injury (or injuries) suffered in the accident, it/they may heal faster or slower depending on the complex nature of the injury.  Often, one can still work even as one receives chiropractic treatment, but with restrictions in place, to help their employer and not miss any time from work.  Chiropractic treatment can be effective in treating many injuries related to Workers’ Compensation, and one should consider visiting a chiropractor if injured at work.  Don’t let an episode like this not allow you to enjoy summer!

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