Sports Chiropractor Defined

Sports Certified Chiropractors are different from traditional chiropractors for many reasons.  This page will define, explain, and illustrate why one should seek out a sports certified Chiropractor for sports injuries sustained.


is the governing board of sports medicine for chiropractors both domestically and internationally.  Every sports chiropractor has to take at least 100 hour post-graduate course in addition to a board exam concerning the most current information and research that is available on various topics including, but not limited to:

  • Management and evaluation of concussions/head trauma
  • Team Concepts as to how a sports chiropractor can benefit a team or organization
  • Management, evaluation, and rehabilitation of various injuries involving the shoulder, hip, elbow, knee, ankle, wrist, hands, and spine
  • Radiology review of various injuries sustained in sports
  • Emergency procedures in sports

Sports Medicine Chiropractor Skill-Set

Sports certified Chiropractors take a different approach when it comes to treating athletes of all types (recreational, competitive, semi-professional and professional).  When an athlete sustains an injury and consults with a sports Chiropractor, he/she is brought through a proper return to play criteria to limit additional injury and to diminish their progress.  Additionally, sports certified chiropractors utilize rehabilitation as part of their care to help stabilize injuries that athletes suffer.  Rehabilitative exercises are provided to help strengthen the weakened tissue(s) that led to the injury taking place.

A great advantage to becoming a sports certified chiropractor is the ability to work with several kinds of athletes, ranging from weekend warriors to Olympic athletes.  Sports Certified chiropractors are given the ability to work at 1 of 3 Olympic training facilities in the United States to work with potential Olympians who are qualifying for an upcoming Olympics.   As new information presents itself in terms of research, and/or treatment, sports chiropractors display the most relevant and current data to help their patients achieve both short and/or long-term goals necessary to get healthy and then stay healthy.

Sports Chiropractic Knowledge-Base

Sports Chiropractors are required by the ACBSP to take a yearly minimum of 12 hours of continuing education that is sports focused to provide the highest level of care to the doctor’s patients.  Taking continuing education in areas of radiology, rehabilitation, treatment, and management provide an environment where the chiropractor can deliver the most current information to ensure  a proper and steady recovery when an athlete presents for a particular injury.

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