You can slow down arthritis… In a Few Steps

Arthritis is very common in our population. The most common form of arthritis is age-related, or osteoarthritis (OA). This most commonly occurs in the neck and lower back (cervical and lumbar spines respectively), but can also involve any moveable joint in the body. The most common site of osteoarthritis outside of the spine is the knee, followed by the hip and then the hand. Pain from arthritis can be chronic and difficult to handle, as it can affect your daily activities. The facts are are that most of us will get arthritis, but how fast it comes on is up to you. Below will be 4 simple things you can do to limit how much arthritis affects your life:

  1. Stay active-Performing weight-bearing activity (walking, jogging, weight-lifting) slows the degenerative/arthritic process down because you are moving and strengthening your bones and muscles limiting the onset of it faster.
  2. Eat a well-balanced healthy diet and drinking water-Arthritis like any chronic process in your body can speed up when eating high sugar, high carbohydrate foods. Consuming low carbohydrate, high protein, and drinking adequate amounts of water limits inflammation affecting your joints.
  3. Chiropractic care – Getting adjusted in joints that have been identified as arthritic by X-Ray can be slowed by realigning the joints. It will allow more mobility, range of motion, and flexibility and decrease your pain.
  4. Heat – The use of moist heat (with a barrier for no more than 20 minutes) can help to increase circulation, blood flow and decrease joint stiffness. This can decrease your pain and reduce the inflammation present within your joints and get you moving sooner (especially in the AM when you are the stiffest)

These measures don’t stop the arthritic process, but a combination of these will help slow the process down. These changes don’t happen overnight, but can be helpful if you plan on living a busy, and active long life. Stay tuned to next month’s blog as spring has just begun.

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