Treating Nerve Injuries with ART Therapy in Chicago

Active Release Techniques treats Nerve Injuries Effectively!

As the pandemic carries on, many Chicagoans wonder when this may end or at least, how quickly, a vaccine may be developed and tested safely for use to have Chicagoans resume their daily routines. Although this seems to be quite some time that life will return now Post-Covid, millions of Chicagoans are continuing to work from home (as this is likely to continue into 2021).

As Chicagoans continues to work from home, it is important to have a proper desk and chair setup to avoid injuries. Also, with one sitting/working for long periods in 1 position, it is important to move & exercise. Exercising strenuously though without taking the proper measures to warmup and stretch properly either before and/or after will prevent injuries to your muscles, tendons, and nerves.

Working from home

Specifically, nerve injuries often occur from strain to a muscle over a prolonged period of time (ie computer/mouse usage) or trauma to a particular area of the body (ie fall, sports injury, or activity). This article will discuss how Active Release Technique (ART) chiropractors can help nerve injuries.

When a person begins to experience numbness, tingling, weakness, and loss of function in a region of the body, it is important to find out the origin of the pain. Often, nerves are entrapped/compressed in mainly 3 tissues, specifically muscles, ligaments, and spinal discs, but for this post, I am discussing peripheral entrapment areas/sites (not spinal).

When experiencing these symptoms, one should seek an Active Release Technique (ART) chiropractor for a few reasons. One is that ART chiropractors can determine the origin of the pain whether it be closer to your neck, or lower back, or further away from these areas. Second, ART chiropractors can determine the mechanism of injury to identify the correct tissues that are not only causing the pain, but other tissues around it (above or below the nerve compression site) that are compensating. Once the injury is identified through a thorough consultation, and examination, the ART chiropractor can outline a treatment plan to not only treat the pain, but fix the problem.

Chiropractic assessment

Patients with nerve injuries treated by an ART chiropractor can begin to see relief in as little as a few visits, depending on how long one has dealt with this kind of injury. If a patient suspects a nerve injury, one should seek out help immediately via an ART chiropractor to minimize the treatment times and to ensure relief both efficiently and safely. The longer the nerve injury has been present, the longer it will take to heal. If one is using this muscle(s) often in their daily activities, treating this faster will ensure improved function and decrease lingering symptoms.

The ART chiropractor will address rehab exercises, through stretching, and home-care corrective exercises to ensure this does not recur in the future as these injuries often recur from overuse and/or repetitive movement. Following these recommendations will allow the patient to resume his/her daily activities with minimized loss of function.

Brian Marion, DC, CCSP, ART, CKTP

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