Pilates and Chiropractic Are a Great Connector

As our mild Chicago winter continues, Chicagoans are continuing to remain active as hopefully, the warmer weather is around the corner.  Also, individuals who started off the year working out as part of New Years’ resolutions are continuing to build upon the goals one set at the beginning of 2023.  As workouts go, injury can occur, but what you are doing to maintain your health around exercising will influence your risk of injury. Pilates is a great workout that can reduce injury by increasing mobility and strength.  It is a proper adjunct workout to chiropractic care if and when you suffer an injury from exercise not caused from Pilates or possibly caused from Pilates.

Pilates comes in many forms, from mat classes, to a Cadillac, or reformer. Instructors take a great deal of coursework to understand anatomy, function, and technique when teaching clients how to execute Pilates exercises.  This ensures proper form, reduced risk of injury, and strength.  Pilates focuses on pelvic floor, core, and gluteal strength, while helping to improve flexibility and mobility in one’s spine, and hips.  Instructors in smaller classes can ensure proper mechanics via cues when performing exercises, to allow one to enhance their goals while using Pilates as part of one’s exercise regimen.

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Similarly, Chiropractic care can increase mobility through manipulation, and flexibility through soft tissue stretching (most notably, Active Release Techniques).   Also, corrective exercises can enhance stability to engage/activate certain muscles to aid what Pilates may be doing for that individual.  Also, Chiropractic care can reduce pain, and inflammation through manipulation and soft tissue stretching.  Chiropractic care can work with Pilates instructors giving them the feedback from a thorough exam and consultation to help the patient with their injury (or injuries) and to ensure a faster recovery.  Also, this creates a positive environment for the patient to get stronger through Pilates to diminish the recurrence of an injury or the possibility of developing a new injury.

Although Chiropractic care and Pilates may seem very different, they are quite closely connected due to the qualities they deliver  to patients who are suffering from pain and injury.  When utilized as part of a treatment plan, they can help the patient enjoy a great workout while not worrying about their injury!

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